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When it comes to protecting your business, Peterson Insurance has the business insurance policies and coverage endorsement options that you need to stay protected to help avoid financial devastation.
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Peterson Insurance: The PA Commercial Insurance Experts
Trusted By Local Business Owners for 25+ Years

We know it can be challenging to juggle all of the responsibilities that come with running a business, never mind finding the perfect commercial insurance agency to help you protect it all when things go wrong. For the past 25 years, Peterson Insurance in Havertown, PA, has helped business owners across Delaware County and surrounding areas protect their investments with comprehensive PA business insurance policies that meet their needs and budget.

As your trusted independent local business insurance agency, we take care of the headache of shopping your policies around with multiple ‘A’ Rated commercial insurance companies. We work hard to find you the right commercial insurance coverage for your particular industry, ensuring you can get back to business as usual when claims happen.

Work With An Independent Commercial Insurance Agency
That Puts Your Business First

Unlike a captive commercial insurance agency, we are not bound to one provider or a limited number of policies and prices. As an independent local business insurance agency, we have the freedom to work with today’s most competitive A+ rated providers, , like Erie Insurance, to find the best coverage unique to your needs.

When you work with Peterson Insurance, we’ll take care of all the fine print details from start to finish to find the right commercial insurance coverage and review your endorsement options with you. We’ll help to ensure that your business can continue to operate seamlessly when disaster strikes.

Local PA Business Insurance Offerings

With one call to us, we will get to work finding the best PA commercial insurance policies; whether it be general liability insurance coverage, business property insurance, workers comp insurance, business auto insurance, or a local business insurance policy specific to your line of work, like childcare insurance, builders risk insurance policy, restaurant insurance, and more! No matter your PA business insurance needs, Peterson Insurance has the experience and friendly team to get the job done.

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For all you’ve poured into your business, you deserve to have the best local business insurance agency in your corner to help protect your investments through good times and bad. Click or call Peterson Insurance today to get your FREE business insurance quote or to learn more about how we can help keep you protected in other areas of your life with the best car insurance in PA, home insurance policies, or get a free life insurance quote to protect your loved ones or business with one of our local life insurance agents today!

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Peterson Insurance Services provides the following types of Business Insurance Protection:

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Commercial Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance

General Liability

General Liability Insurance for Business


Local Contractor Insurance in PA

Landlord & Property Owners

Landlord & Property Owners Insurance

Auto Services

Auto Services

Cafe & Restaurant Insurance

Restaurants & Cafes

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation Insurance Policy

Professional Liability

Professional Liability

Retail Insurance

Retail Insurance

Distillery, Winery, and Brewery Insurance

Distillery, Winery, and Brewery Insurance

Barber Shops, Hair & Nail Insurance Agency

Barber Shops, Hair & Nail Salons

Home Health Care

Home Health Care Insurance

Daycares & Childcare

Insurance for Daycares & Childcare

Janitorial & Cleaning Services

Janitorial & Cleaning Services

Builders' Risk

Builders’ Risk Insurance

Home Based Businesses

Home Based Businesses

Hotels & Hospitality

Hotels & Hospitality Insurance




Manufacturers Insurance

Business Umbrella

Business Umbrella Insurance

Business Property

Business Property Insurance

Commercial & Contract Bonds

Commercial & Contract Bonds

Business Insurance FAQs

Business insurance costs vary widely, and are based on coverage needs, location, business or industry type, and other associated risk factors. A 2020 report by Progressive shows the average monthly cost for common business coverage types:

Business insurance is coverage that protects businesses from financial loss from covered events and perils that occur on business property or during the course of normal business operations.

Business insurance plans are customized to meet the needs of specific businesses. However, the majority of business insurance plans cover property damage, general legal liability, and loss of business income.

Business liability insurance refers to any type of business insurance protecting the business from covered allegations that the business caused physical loss, injury, or damage.

Umbrella insurance for businesses is an extra layer of liability protection designed to cover costs beyond what general liability insurance will cover in the event a claim is filed. Business Umbrella insurance also provides extra liability coverage over any other applicable business insurance policies that may be in force such as a commercial auto policy.

Yes, policy premiums are tax deductible.

Yes. While having an LLC can protect your personal assets, it does not protect you from business lawsuits or damage. Having business insurance like general liability insurance, commercial auto, property insurance, and or workers compensation can ensure your business is protected in the event of a covered accident or peril and ensures you won't be paying out of pocket.

Federal law mandates that any business with employees must have workers' compensation insurance. Other business insurances may be required based on the state in which your business is conducted.

No, renter's insurance will not cover business property, only personal property. Most home, condo and renter's policies have an exclusion within the policy jacket that states that personal property coverage limits on the policy will not extend to any business property (aka any of your belongings used to generate business income).

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