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When the unexpected happens on the road, Peterson Insurance has the car insurance coverage options to prepare you for whatever lies ahead.
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The Best Independent Auto Insurance Agent in PA for 25+ Years

If you’re looking for the best PA auto insurance policies all in one place, then Peterson Insurance is the right place for you. As Delaware County’s most trusted local independent auto insurance agent, offering the best auto insurance companies in PA, we take the hassle out of finding the best coverage at prices you’ll love!

Independent Auto Insurance Agents That Put YOU First!

As an independent auto insurance agent we offer the best car insurance in PA tailored to your needs and with no strings attached. While some agencies are limited to the auto insurance companies they can offer you policies from, we have the freedom to search and compare today’s best auto insurance policies that work for you instead of the other way around.

Gone are the days of calling and comparing multiple national or local auto insurance companies to compile a list of worthy insurance providers. With just one call to Peterson Insurance, we’ll do the work to compare policies that match your needs. All that’s left to do is share our findings, pick your policy and coverage choices, and let you get back to what really matters.

Local Auto Insurance Policies

Cars aren’t the only things on wheels that need protection from accidental damage. In addition to our Erie auto insurance offerings, we make it simple to find the right boat insurance, RV insurance, classic car insurance, motorcycle insurance, insurance for ATVs, and other motorized means of travel–all in one simple location. With us, protecting your prized possessions has never been easier!

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On top of offering today’s most competitive car insurance in PA, Peterson Insurance of Havertown, PA is proud to serve Delaware County and surrounding areas with exceptional auto, home, life, and business insurance policies, always at the best prices and never wavering in service or transparency.

Click or call to get your FREE auto insurance quote today or to learn more about our local auto insurance products trusted by Delaware County, PA and the surrounding areas for more than 25 years.

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Auto Insurance FAQs

Auto or car insurance is a type of insurance purchased by a car owner that ensures financial protection in the event of a covered accident, loss, or theft. This type of insurance can help protect the car owner from bodily injury, property damage, and other liabilities during an accident or claim. There is the option to get insurance for just liability or also physical damage coverage to the car known as comprehensive and collision coverages.

No, there is no difference between auto vs car insurance.

In most states you need insurance to register a car. The only states where you do not need insurance to register a car currently are New Hampshire, North Dakota, Mississippi, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Washington.

Auto insurance only covers theft if you have selected to purchase the Comprehensive coverage option for physical damage on your policy for that specific car. This is a vehicle level coverage option and not a liability policy level coverage option so be sure to choose it for each car that you wish.

Comprehensive auto insurance typically provides coverage for vehicle theft, vandalism, malicious mischief, fire, weather (such as hail), and damages caused by animals (ex: squirrel chewing the wires under the hood or hitting a deer).

Yes, it is possible to get auto insurance without a license, though it can be difficult and is subject to each carrier's underwriting guidelines.

An auto insurance deductible is a predetermined amount of money the insured pays out of pocket when a claim is filed after a covered comprehensive or collision loss (such as an accident or theft).

Auto insurance can be tax-deductible for certain people, like self-employed people who use their vehicle for business.

Yes, hail damage is covered by the comprehensive coverage option on an auto insurance policy and must be selected for each insured car.

An auto insurance premium is the predetermined amount the insured pays to uphold their insurance coverage. This can be broken down into weekly, monthly, bi-annual, or annual payments. Monthly and bi-annual payments are the most common payment types, although some companies offer a nice discount for the pay in full payment option.

Windshield replacement is covered under the comprehensive coverage option on an auto policy and must be chosen for each specific car. It is subject to your chosen comprehensive deductible which is why most people choose a lower comprehensive deductible such as $100, $250, or $0 aka 'full glass'.

Cracked windshields are covered under the comprehensive coverage option on your auto policy and you must choose that coverage option for each car. Cracked Windshields are typically subject to the comprehensive deductible you have chosen for that car. However, some companies will offer to waive the deductible with a heat seal option. This means that if the crack is small enough (usually it must be smaller than a dollar bill), they will try to heat seal the crack and if it's successful may waive your deductible and repair it for free. If the crack is already too large, they will have to replace the windshield altogether and your deductible will apply. Also, if they try to heat seal it but it's already too big and doesn't work then the deductible will usually apply.

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