Group Insurance Benefits

 Provide comprehensive group health insurance plans to your employees with a group health insurance policy

Group Insurance Benefits

Carefully selected benefits are an important part of hiring & retaining talented employees for your company. We understand the process of finding the correct coverage can be overwhelming. At Peterson Insurance, we take the time to discuss and review your group insurance needs to help you make an informed decision about your company offerings. We offer access to several carriers for your group insurance, including Group Health insurance, Group Dental, Group Life insurance, and Group Disability needs. With the freedom to work with today’s most competitive A+ rated providers, we team up with you to provide the best group benefits at a price that works for your company, to not only keep, but attract excellent employees. The best part is that you get to work directly with one of our local agents in Havertown, PA who are able to help whenever you have questions regarding your companies’ policies.

Group Medical Insurance

Health Insurance costs are generally on the rise, and providing quality group coverage for your employees is important. As an independent agency, we take the extra time to review your current needs and identify a carrier that works best for your Group Medical Insurance needs. We have access to both HMO & PPO options that allow flexibility in your group insurance offerings as a company. We can also help with reviewing other needs such creating a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings account (HSA) to provide additional support for your employees. Whether you are looking to start a new plan or review your existing group benefits plan, Peterson Insurance is here to help.

Group Dental Insurance

Group dental insurance is a vital employee benefit that helps protect the oral health of your employees and their families, which can lead to improved overall health and productivity within your workforce. Plus, group dental insurance can often be added to your group benefits package at a low cost. Peterson Insurance is here to help you explore the various options available and find the best fit for your specific needs. We understand that navigating the process of selecting the right group dental insurance policy can be time consuming, which is why we are here to help guide you every step of the way. By working together, we can help you create a comprehensive and affordable group benefits package that not only meets the needs of your employees, but helps support the success of your business.

Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance can significantly enhance the value of your group benefits package by providing a valuable safety net for your employees and their loved ones. These group insurance products are typically offered in various levels of coverage, depending on the needs of your staff, and are priced based on the age of your employees. Group life insurance not only provides peace of mind for your employees, but it can also help attract and retain top talent within your organization. By offering group life insurance as part of your group benefits package, you are showing your commitment to the well-being and security of your employees, which can foster a positive and supportive workplace culture.

Group Disability Insurance

Group disability insurance provides a critical safety net for your employees in the face of unexpected life events that could impact their ability to work. This type of group insurance benefit can be paid for by the company or offered as a voluntary option for staff members to pay for themselves. Plus, it also safeguards your employees' income and financial security to provide peace of mind in difficult times. By offering group disability insurance as part of your group benefits package, you are demonstrating a commitment to your employees' well-being and financial stability, which can help generate a good work environment. Our team at Peterson Insurance understands how important these choices are for your business.  We are here to help carefully evaluate a variety of group coverage options available so that you can choose the right disability insurance plan for your workforce.

What if I am a Sole-Proprietor?

If you are the owner and sole employee of your company or only employee independent contractors, group benefits might not be the best fit. In this case having individual coverage might be your best coverage option. If this sounds like you, then look no further than Peterson Insurance. Our team can assist in reviewing your individual needs to help you find a solution that keeps you covered and helps secure future business needs as you grow!

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